Members may portray either a military impression or one of many civilian roles which are appropriate to the Civil War period. Women participate as nurses, vivandieres, cooks, laundresses, or wives and sisters visiting the soldier in the camp. For the sake of authenticity, women wishing to serve as soldiers need to take measures to portray themselves as male soldiers, minimizing feminine features as much as possible, to correspond with known instances of women pretending to be men who served during the civil war.

Active members, either military or civilian, must be at least 16 years of age. Junior members are those 12-15 years of age who have met the competency requirements of the regiment, as musicians. Civilian participation is not restricted by age, other than for active membership, as previously stated.

Bridgeville Memorial Day Parade - Civil War Salute
Bridgeville Memorial Day Parade

We can often provide loaned or low-cost equipment and uniform supplies to help new members, though generally the uniform and personal equipment is provided by the individual at his own expense. The company owns and provides much of the general camp equipment. Active members pay annual dues of $25 to defray mailing, supplies, and insurance costs. Members are not required to attend any minimum number of events, but rather, may participate according to their own level of interest.

9th PA Reserves at the PA monument at Gettysburg
9th PA Reserves at the PA monument at Gettysburg

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